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نور فاتحة حسنى سايڠ أيمان !
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Saya dapat ayat ni dari twitter.

Kau tak rasa apa yang dia rasa, kau taktahu what she've been thru. Kau taktahu macam mana and how hard dia pick up the pieces of herself bila dia patah semangat and trying & pretend to be happy. Apa yang kau nampak semua salah dia. Kau marah, terasa sebab dia diam tak cerita apa-apa. You know why? It is better that way. Because if dia cerita, all that she feel is pain & make her wanna cry again and again. Thats why she choose to be happy even she's not. And you don't realize that every single day the smile that she wore is just another way for her to be strong. Kau nak cakap belakang, then, just do it. But i think it is way better kau try doakan dia untuk be strong or try to ask how she's been doing because thats aall she need rn because tbh, she's broken enough. And she need someone who really care. And not someone yang ego yang fikir diri sendiri yang fikir dia tak cari aku why should aku cari dia. Ego makan diri bro. Trust me. Sebab macam ni she choose to keep it to herself instead of telling everyone coz everyone leave.